Organic Pea Protein

  • Maskelmän pea protein contains a good 82 percent of high-quality protein including all essential amino acids. It is ideal for mixing with rice protein to produce a protein with the best value.

    • 82 percent protein content
    • For muscle building and maintenance
    • Also perfect in combination with rice protein
Interessant für Sie:
    • 82 percent protein content
    • For muscle building and maintenance
    • Also perfect in combination with rice protein

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  • Maskelmän pea protein contains a good 82 percent of high-quality protein including all essential amino acids. It is ideal for mixing with rice protein to produce a protein with the best value.

Lysine rich, 82% protein content, vegan - This is pea protein from Maskelmän!

Erbsenprotein für Sportler

The vegan organic pea protein from Maskelmän provides all eight essential amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, methionine, tryptophan) and many other important building blocks (for example arginine) in a protein powder of the highest quality and great valency - and is therefore in no way inferior to non-vegan whey. On the contrary! Protein powder made from pea protein is ideal for strength athletes, but also for all other people who pay attention to their protein intake. The high protein content of a good 82% makes it one of the vegetable proteins with the highest protein content of all. In addition to the excellent amino acid profile, it is also the high calcium and iron content that makes the pea protein isolate interesting also in terms of mineral intake. 

Maskelmän pea protein is made from organically grown yellow peas. The peas are carefully sorted and thoroughly cleaned after harvesting. During a special separation process the protein is extracted, gently dried and carefully packaged.

 The pea protein of Maskelmän sustainably increases the protein content of many foods and drinks.  The protein powder is particularly finely ground, highly soluble and easily digestible. It is therefore very suitable for smoothies, shakes, vegetable drinks and cocoa or can even be used for baking. The protein powder is also the perfect choice for a vegan diet. The mild and delicious taste is another plus point.

What is so special about pea protein?


Lysine rich protein

What is special about essential lysine is one of the amino acids that is found in small amounts in some foods. These include all sweet grasses, i.e. wheat, rye, oats, barley and also rice. If you combine a food low in lysine - rice protein, for example - with other protein-rich sources of protein rich in lysine (pea protein, for example), the result is a higher quality protein. Pea protein powder is therefore a very good source of protein for this purpose.

Für normale Knochen

Rich in calcium and iron

The pea protein of Maskelmän has more to offer than "just" a high protein content. It also contains calcium and iron. Both are highly interesting minerals - especially for the athletes among us. Calcium helps to maintain normal bones and iron can reduce fatigue and tiredness and contribute to normal energy metabolism. Compared to whey protein or pure soya protein, the digestibility of the low-allergen pea protein powder is an additional advantage - therefore pea protein is a great alternative for people who want or have to avoid lactose and do not really trust soya.

Bausteine für den Körper

Building blocks for the body

Maskelmän's organic pea protein contains all the essential amino acids that the human body needs in addition to the body's own non-essential amino acids for the production of proteins and cannot produce itself. The essential amino acids include leucine, isoleucine and valine. Other important non-amino acids are also found in pea protein, such as arginine, alanine and glutamic acid - an amino acid profile that is quite impressive.


What is the best way to use pea protein?

Recommended consumption is very simple. Use about two measuring spoons of the protein-rich pea protein per two hundred millilitres of water, juice or other liquid. Depending on your personal taste, you can also mix it with a freshly prepared smoothie or shake with many other tasty ingredients. Fresh fruit is particularly suitable.


Pea protein and rice protein - the ideal protein team for strength athletes

Not all protein sources are the same, but the perfect combination can mean that each protein powder can play to its strengths. For an optimal supply of high quality protein, it is recommended to mix the lysine-rich protein powder from pea protein with the low lysine protein powder from rice.

Combine the two proteins in a ratio of seven parts rice protein and three parts pea protein. For mixing with rice protein, it is advisable to first mix a larger quantity of the two proteins. For example, weigh 350 grams of rice protein and 150 grams of pea protein and mix the powders thoroughly in a large container. If you prefer a particular flavour, there is nothing to stop you mixing the pea protein powder with sweeteners, fruit or, for example, yacon.

Delicious and nutritious pea protein shakes

Vegan berry protein shake

Mix two scoops of pea protein in an almond milk (or oat milk) shake and one hundred grams of berries. Here you can safely use frozen berries. Mix everything well and flavour the shake with coconut blossom sugar, yacon syrup or xylitol.

Banana shake with two types of protein powder

Take two scoops of the already mixed pea and rice protein powder mix and puree it with a banana, two hundred millilitres of water, a little coconut blossom sugar and a pinch of cinnamon and cardamom to taste.

Proteinshake with banana



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Für mich ein sehr gutes Produkt in
13 Sep 2021

Für mich ein sehr gutes Produkt in Qualität und Preis Leistung

verified purchase
25 Aug 2021

Das Pulver ist sehr fein, schmeckt ein wenig nach Erbsen, aber mit Fruchtsaft oder in einem Smoothie schmeckt super sämig...lecker
über die Wirkung kann ich noch nichts sagen, erst vor 1 Woche bestellt...

verified purchase
Eine hochwertige vegane Proteinquelle
9 Aug 2021

Ich bin mit der Qualität und dem Preis des Erbsenproteins sehr zufrieden. Es enthält keine Zusatzstoffe und löst sich in Wasser gut auf. Ich bestelle es deshalb regelmäßig. Es ist auch weniger staubig in der Handhabung als das Reisprotein, aber für die Reinheit und Bioqualität nehme ich das gerne in Kauf.

verified purchase
Top Ware,gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.Immer gerne wieder.
19 Jul 2021

Top Ware,gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Immer gerne wieder.

verified purchase
Weiter zu empfehlen
28 Jun 2021

Schnelle Bearbeitung,gutes Produkt

verified purchase
3 May 2021

Sehr gute Qualität, großartiges Preis-Leistungs Verhältnis. Ich mische es mit Reisprotein in Fruchtsäfte, z.B Apfelsaft oder Orange.

verified purchase
gutes Protein, hat allerdings einen typischen Eigengeschmack,
14 Feb 2021

gutes Protein, hat allerdings einen typischen Eigengeschmack, das sollte man beachten.

verified purchase
Immer wieder
29 Jan 2021

Schnelle Lieferung und super Qualität

verified purchase
Jederzeit wieder.
25 Jan 2021

Preis-Leistungsverhältnis, Qualität super.

verified purchase
Sehr Zufrieden
7 Dec 2020

Das Erbsenprotein von Maskelmän schmeckt sehr lecker, auch in Mandelmilch ein Traum.

verified purchase
Es ist sehr bekömmlich und mir gefällt
5 Oct 2020

Es ist sehr bekömmlich und mir gefällt die Reinheit des Produktes.

verified purchase
alles super
4 Sep 2020

alles super

verified purchase
Optimale zusätzliche Eiweißquelle
31 Aug 2020

Die Verarbeitung ist super, sehr fein gemahlen und dadurch braucht es keine Zusatzstoffe. Sehr gute Qualität. Optimale Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für zwischen und nach dem Training mit sehr hohem Protein Gehalt. Auch der Geschmack ist gut und lecker. Und es lässt sich super auflösen. Alles gut.

verified purchase
Ich bin sehr zufrieden.
15 Aug 2020

Ich kann die Ware chemisch zwar nicht beurteilen, aber ansonsten bin ich mit der Qualität sehr zufrieden. Die Verpackung ist ebenfalls gut, aber leider zu schnell leer...

verified purchase
Sehr gute Qualität.
6 Aug 2020

Sehr gute Qualität.

verified purchase
Optimale Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für zwischen und nach dem
2 Aug 2020

Optimale Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für zwischen und nach dem Training

verified purchase
Die Verarbeitung ist super, sehr fein gemahlen
8 Jul 2020

Die Verarbeitung ist super, sehr fein gemahlen und dadurch braucht es keine Zusatzstoffe. Ich bin jetzt Stammkunde

verified purchase
Produkt entspricht der angebotenen Ware
25 Mar 2020

Qualität und Verarbeitung gut auch der Geschmack mit einem Teelöffel Ahornsirup ist wunderbar

verified purchase
Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist gut. Ich empfehle dieses Produkt.
14 Aug 2019

Qualität des Produkts ausgezeichnet.

verified purchase
Das EP läßt sich gut auflösen und
14 May 2019

Das EP läßt sich gut auflösen und schmeckt.

verified purchase
top Qualität und Verarbeitung
10 May 2019

Qualität super
Preis in Ordnung
kann ich weiter empfehlen

verified purchase
alles tadellos
23 Feb 2019

Gute Qualität zu angemesseneß Preis.

verified purchase
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1000 gram
Country of production:
China, completed in Germany

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Gluten free

  • Lactose free

  • Without

  • Vegetarian

100% organic pea flour

Nutritional Facts


per 100 g


382 kcal /
1598 kJ


7.6 g

   Of which saturated

1.2 g


4.9 g

Of which sugars

0.1 g


5.4 g


82.8 g


3.3 g

Minerals and vitamins


per 100 g


291.9 mg
(36.49 %*)


26.9 mg
(192.14 %*)


910 mg
(130 %*)

Vitamin E

2.1 mg
(17.5 %*)

*% of the recommended daily dose (NRV)

Amino acids

Amino acids

Per Scoop

Per 100Gram


0.31 g

3.14 g

Arginin ²

0.68 g

6.77 g


0.88 g

8.80 g

Cystein ³

0.02 g

0.19 g


1.27 g

12.74 g


0.30 g

2.97 g

Histidin ²

0.18 g

1.84 g

Isoleucin ¹

0.39 g

3.92 g

Leucin ¹

0.65 g

6.52 g

Lysin ¹

0.50 g

5.02 g

Methionin ¹

0.07 g

0.73 g

Phenylalanin ¹

0.43 g

4.26 g


0.32 g

3.22 g


0.32 g

3.24 g

Threonin ¹

0.25 g

2.46 g

Tryptophan ¹

0.08 g

0.78 g

Tyrosin ³

0.27 g

2.66 g 

Valin ¹

0.41 g

4.06 g

¹ Essential                             
² Semi Essential                    
³ Essential for pregnant women and children.

Recommended Use

Take 2 scoops of pea protein with 200 milliliters of water, juice or other liquid.


Maskelmän's organic pea protein is regularly tested for various impurities. You can find a test certificate here.

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