Organic Celery Juice from Celery Stalks

  • Celery juice has the valuable nutrients of celery in a particularly readily available form - reason enough to drink it as often as possible. However, if you want to press it fresh, you have to put up with a lot of effort. The organic direct juice simplifies the enjoyment of celery: take the jar out of the cupboard, turn on the tap, and you're done. Each carton contains 3 liters of celery juice and can be kept unrefrigerated for three months after opening.

    • Particularly full-bodied and tasty
    • Easy to use with the practical tap
    • Low in calories, refined with lemon juice
Interessant für Sie:
    • Particularly full-bodied and tasty
    • Easy to use with the practical tap
    • Low in calories, refined with lemon juice
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  • Celery juice has the valuable nutrients of celery in a particularly readily available form - reason enough to drink it as often as possible. However, if you want to press it fresh, you have to put up with a lot of effort. The organic direct juice simplifies the enjoyment of celery: take the jar out of the cupboard, turn on the tap, and you're done. Each carton contains 3 liters of celery juice and can be kept unrefrigerated for three months after opening.

Celery juice: organic direct juice for tapping

Anyone who wants to drink celery juice regularly for the sake of their health has had a few hurdles to overcome. After all, the effort to get from the shelf to fresh celery juice is not exactly small. First, the celery has to be bought fresh all the time - because it takes a few stalks to fill a jar. Then there is the process of pressing and finally the cleaning of the press. All of this is a bit daunting, and you think twice about drinking fresh celery juice. 

 A great solution: direct juice from the bag-in-box beverage carton. The airtight and dark protective packaging preserves the full-bodied flavor of the celery juice in premium organic quality. In addition, the juice can be freshly tapped every morning in just a few steps and can even be kept unrefrigerated for 3 months after opening - ideal even for those who do not own a juicer at all but would still like to drink celery juice. The packaging itself takes up very little space and can be folded up and disposed of in the waste paper after removing the foil inside. But why is it worthwhile to enjoy the juice regularly anyway?

Product image celery juice

Really healthy or just a trend?

Since the author Anthony Williams started the trend, it is considered an absolute must-have in the USA: celery juice. Daily it is to be drunk and best in the morning on empty stomach - in North America, one comes hardly more past at the beverage and long the wave reached also Germany. But what can the juice do and is it really as good as its reputation? We say: Yes! And we'll tell you why.

1. Celery juice is low in calories: water and nutrients - that's all celery juice contains. An optimal thirst quencher that replenishes nutrient reserves at the same time. And a great alternative to fruit juices, where you ingest sugar with every sip. Although this is natural fructose, too much of it can still put a strain on your health and calorie balance. 

 2. Celery juice is easier to digest: celery juice contains all the nutrients of celery stalks - and the stalks have quite a few of them. At the same time, the body absorbs these nutrients better in the form of juice. Because: Here they are present in a more easily usable form - the stalks do not have to be broken down. 

 3. Celery juice contains a lot of water: water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions and to the maintenance of normal regulation of body temperature. Reason enough to keep an eye on water balance. The aroma of the juice can, on the one hand, facilitate fluid intake and, on the other hand, help to consume more vegetables.

Versatile and delicious: Three possible uses

Celery juice not only provides you with the nutrients of celery and water - but it also brings more zest and variety to your diet and doesn't always have to be drunk straight. Try the following three ideas, for example!

Two glasses filled with green smoothie

In the smoothie

Brings that certain something extra to your smoothie. Harmonizes with ginger and apple, for example.

Man feeding a woman with a spoon

For cooking

Excellent for seasoning various dishes and especially tasty in soups.

Cocktail glass with celery juice

For cocktails

A delight in cocktails with or without alcohol. Gladly mix with cucumber juice, lime juice, and vanilla.


Nutrients and more: what you should know about celery

To this day, celery is used primarily for one purpose: as a seasoning vegetable in soups and stews. Too bad, because the stalks can do so much more! Although celery consists largely of water, it still possesses - whether eaten pure or pressed into juice - an astonishing number of valuable nutrients.

Bowl filled with chopped celery stalks

These include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Dietary fiber
  • Essential oils
  • Secondary plant substances

All in all, it can be said that celery is one of the most valuable vegetables of all and is unfortunately completely underestimated. How healthy it really is was already known by past cultures such as the ancient Egyptians and Romans as well as ancient Greeks. Stalks and tubers also play an important role in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.


Important: In order to benefit maximally, the celery should on the one hand come from organic cultivation and on the other hand not be overstocked. Conventionally grown, the nitrate content may be increased. Celery is not recommended for people who are allergic to birch pollen or mugwort pollen. Here, a cross allergy may occur - approach slowly and pay attention to possible reactions.

Organic direct juice from celery at a glance
  • Can be kept unrefrigerated for 3 months
  • Drawn in seconds
  • Rich in the nutrients of celery stalks
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5 Oct 2021

Weniger aromatisch als der selbstgepresste Saft, aber doch auch wohltuend. Habe "zufällig" von Antony William gelesen und das mit dem Saft mal ausprobiert. Dank Stangensellerie habe ich ganz von selber aufgehört, Zucker in den Kaffee zu tun. Die Essgewohnheiten verbessern sich. Auch sonst bringt dieser Trank ein gutes Gefühl von Stärkung, Schutz und Reinigung. Der Karton ist bequem, erspart einem Lärm und Geschnippel und das dauernde Einkaufen von Stangensellerie, wo ja oft viele Blätter dran sind usw. Daher bestelle ich mal gerade wieder, um gut durch den Herbst zu kommen...

Gut, aber ich würde ihn nicht mehr bestellen sondern wieder selber machen.
13 Sep 2021

Schnelle Lieferung, alles tiptop. Leider hat der Saft nicht so eine frische Farbe, wie wenn man ihn selber macht. Aber sonst alles ok.

verified purchase
kaufe gerne wieder!
8 Sep 2021

Der Saft schmeckt sehr gut, ich glaube einfach mal an die Wirkung!
Lieferung nächsten Tag, guter Service und nettes Team!

verified purchase
Großes Kino !!
22 Jun 2021

Schmeckt lecker & man spürt wie gesund basisch dieser Saft ist ?

verified purchase
Hab noch keinen besseren getrunken!
21 Jun 2021

Ein super Saft!!! Schmeckt einfach gut. Ich mische ihn mit Karottensaft und rote Beetesaft. Schmeckt hervorragend!

verified purchase
Einwandfrei und qualitativ super gut
23 Apr 2021

Die Bestellung ist benutzerfreundlich, die Wartezeit ist kurz. Die Ware ist top.

verified purchase
Rundum befriedigender Service inkl. Lieferung.
20 Apr 2021

Gute Qualität, einfache Bestellung, pünktliche Lieferung.

verified purchase
Sehr gutes Produkt Nur zu Empfehlen
12 Mar 2021

Sehr gutes Produkt
Nur zu Empfehlen

verified purchase
Wie immer Top Produkte und Lieferung
26 Feb 2021

Wie immer Top Produkte und Lieferung

verified purchase
Sehr gutes Produkt
20 Feb 2021

Sehr gutes Produkt

verified purchase
16 Feb 2021


verified purchase
Ohne Durchschütteln dünn und geschmacklos.
29 Dec 2020

Ohne Durchschütteln dünn und geschmacklos.

verified purchase
Alles top, gerne wieder:)
7 Dec 2020

Alles top, gerne wieder:)

verified purchase
Die umgehende Lieferung, Qualität der Ware sowie der Kundenservice ist mehr als nur einwandfrei
27 Nov 2020

Die Homepage ist sehr attraktiv gestaltet, die BIO Ware mit perfekter Qualität, die Bestell- sowie Lieferabwicklung hervorragend. Dazu kommt meine Kundenanfrage, welche innerhalb kürzester Zeit beantwortet wurde. Alles in allem - Top!

verified purchase
Kauf und Anwendung nicht bereut!
6 Oct 2020

Fühle mich vitaler, die Haut wird zarter. Und der Geschmack ist für mich in Ordnung. Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis stimmt. Gut ist, dass man den Karton nach Anbruch nicht im Kühlschrank lagern muss.

verified purchase
Empfehlenswertes Produkt
15 Sep 2020

Produkt hält was es verspricht. Verpackung ist sehr praktisch in der Anwendung.

verified purchase
Sehr gute Belieferung und gutes Produkt, auf das ich wieder zugreifen werde
4 Sep 2020

Die 3L-Packung mit dem Zapfhahn ist sehr praktisch. Habe in die Karton-Verpackung ein Loch geschnitten, in das der Zapfhahn genau passt. Kann somit den gesamten Vorrat in ein regal stellen, wo ich jeden Morgen abzapfe.

verified purchase
Ich glaub ich werd das abonnieren
28 Jul 2020

Schmeckt richtig lecker und scheint zu wirken. Mir geht‘s jedenfalls gut damit.
Manchmal nehme ich es auch als Gemüsesaft beim Kochen und da kommt es richtig gut.

verified purchase
9 Jan 2020

So komme ich morgens hervorragend in die Gänge! Frisch gezapft, zügig auf nüchternen Magen getrunken und schon kann der Tag beginnen. Der Hype ist absolut gerechtfertigt!

Gute Qualität, schmeckt lecker, preis OK
1 Jan 2020

Der Saft schmeckt gut und ist von guter Qualität. Der Preis ist etwas hoch, jedoch gerechtfertigt durch gute bio Qualität und man erspart sich die Mühe sich den Saft selbst zu pressen. Selleriesaft finden man im normalen Supermarkt zur Zeit eher selten. Man kommt nur leider nicht sehr lange aus mit 3 Liter, deswegen empfehlenswert gleich mehr zu bestellen.

verified purchase
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Mit diesem leckeren und einfachen Power-Smoothie starten Sie voller Energie in den Tag!

Reicht für 2 Personen
Aufwand 5 Minuten
Schwierigkeit Einfach



  • 200 ml Selleriesaft
  • 1 Banane
  • ½ Avocado
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 Glas Wasser oder Apfelsaft


  • Mixer


  1. Banane und Mango in kleine Stücke schneiden
  2. Fleisch der Avocado hinzufügen
  3. Wasser (oder Apfelsaft) und Selleriesaft hinzufügen und alles gut Mixen für 1-2 Minuten
effective nature
3 liters
Country of production:

99% organic celery juice, organic lemon juice concentrate

Nutritional Facts


per 100 ml


13 kcal /
54 kJ


0.1 g


2.2 g

Of which sugars

1.2 g


0 g


0.6 g

Recommended Use

The organic celery juice can be used as desired pure, in a smoothie, or as a flavoring ingredient in a vegetable soup.

We especially recommend drinking 100-200 ml of pure organic celery juice before breakfast.

Important Information

After opening, shelf life 3 months unrefrigerated, at room temperature.

Product has been pasteurized.

Store the opened package upright. Empty remaining quantity by tipping.

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